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Fantan Rules And How To Win!

Fantan is a game where you put a pile of metal bowls on top of the buttons, scoop them up, divide the inside buttons into groups of four, and hit the last one.

It’s relatively popular in Macau casinos because of the simple rule of just hitting how many remain at the end (because there are only 4 pieces, so there are only 0 to 4 left).

Fantan is a game where you put a pile of metal bowls

If you win, you will be paid a 5% commission.

Fantan game flow and how to bet chips

There are the following sheets on the table (notations differ slightly depending on the casino), and chips are placed where you want to bet.

Since there is no limit, you can place chips in multiple locations at the same time.

You can place and move chips until 918kiss the dealer says ” No more Bet “. If you think this way, let’s move it.

After being closed with a No More Bet, the buttons in the bowl will be divided into four by a cane, the remaining numbers will be announced and dividends will be distributed. The above is the flow of the game.

Fantan game flow and how to bet chips

Fantan basic rules

If there is no remaining 0, it will be treated as “4 more”, so select “4”.

In the draw, the wager is refunded.

There are 5 types of bets and dividends, so I will explain them in order.

Fantan rules, Sam-Hong

If any of the three numbers wins, you win and the dividend is 1.3 times.

Fantan rules, Sam-Hong

There are four ways to bet: “1, 2, 3”, “1, 2, 4”, “1, 3, 4”, “2, 3, 4”.

Fantan rule, Yoga Nga Tan

If you win one of the two numbers, you win, you lose if you become the number of the ○ part of “○”, and if you get any other number, you win. The dividend is 1.5 times.